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Dream Lilly
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25 March, 2013

Been away...FAR TO LONG

Hello my dear friends...I have been gone from here since July-ish last year...and have many fun and interesting posts to show you!

Life has been busy and quite interesting, full of growth and learning opportunities for me.

so, with that said...I shall be back on here very, very soon...and have wonderful pics to indulge you in!

26 August, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Victory...

Oh my gosh...so this has been a long time coming, but...I DID IT!

I passed my 4 week long statistics course this summer, and I actually got a B!!!

And because of this, I am now a full-fledged student at CSU!  I have seriously been working and waiting for this for years now, and it has finally happened!  I'm taking 18 units :-/
Mainly because I want to try and finish in a year's time, as opposed to 2+ years, but let's see what happens...

My next goal is to work on getting one of the few coveted spots within the USDA for an internship which would eventually turn into a fantastic career, but who knows where this will take me? :-D

I have more to come as well, we've had so much fun this summer...now we are preparing for Almond harvest....I will soon have pictures of that too :)

14 July, 2012

A Look Back on Our Father's Day

So, this year we didn't get together with family and friends, instead, we just decided to take off :)

We did go visit family in Santa Cruz, but we decided to spend some time together, at the hotel and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk...oh what fun!

This post will be mainly pictures, cuz I have a lot lol...so feelf ree just to browse, and see what a great time Santa Cruz can be!
Just after getting to our room, its time for an ice cream break :)

What a Long, Tall Drink of Water!!

Oh To be able to still nap on Gramma!

Here it was time for some fun in the Spa...Levi's first time trying out a spa...He was unsure at first, but "warmed" up quickly...

Gramma and Papa spend some quality time together...smile for the camera!

Someone needs a nap after drying off... 

These were taken in the Merry Go Round, Levi just had a blast!!!

After we left the Boardwalk, we headed home, but not before stopping at Casa De Fruita...its tradition!

These Peacocks roam freely around Casa De Fruita, and everyone gets to see them, up close and personal...

And last, but not least, Levi and Gramma...always  precious!

So all in all, we had a wonderful time, and sometimes, it's just nice to be able to try something different...or...not so different :)

Jammin' Along...

Oh man, so I know it's been a while since I've posted, however, I have been busy, going here and there, a little bit of everywhere haha...

So a few weeks ago, my mom made her "famous" jams, only this year she limited herself to two flavors, I think the two best flavors everyone raves about: Strawberry and Apricot. So I thought I'd just show off how she slaves away at all this, because it does take several days to do, she makes a LOT!!

 This is the first "stage", after all the jars and accessories have been cleaned are drying, ready to be used.  Mom is very meticulous about how she wants things done, and it's great to have it all come together so nicely when your organized :)


Here, is where the *magic* happens...
This batch is going to be strawberry, and in the pictures, you can see all the sugar that's going to be used...My, that's a lot of sugar haha
The big blue pot is for sealing the jars after the jam's been put inside, and then she takes it out for cooling...

And here is the 3rd and last stage where they are sitting and cooling, and every time we hear a *POP* we know that another has set, and will work out for giving away as a gift for the holidays :)
My mom does this every year, and I just love it, the whole house smells like strawberries, or what ever kind she happens to be making at that time, and man, its so awesome :)
I told her she's in the wrong business hehe

13 June, 2012

I'm right on time...for a very important date!

So this will be short, but more to follow...I am heading to pick up my degrees today!!!
I'm so excited!

09 June, 2012

So life is going swimmingly :)
I am doing some online classes right now, and enjoying the warmer weather, except today, we have like, 20+ mile an hour winds!
Thank goodness we aren't irrigating our trees today, it's insane out there! 
Levi wanted to play in the sandbox today, but, I fear, there is not much sand left!

Life is slowing down here, and my lil guy is loving pre school, so we are just taking time to enjoy the little things like bubbles, pop-sickles, and playing in the dirt :)

18 May, 2012

I've Done It!

I know it's been a while since I have posted, but there has been "Much Ado About EVERYTHING" in my life this Spring :)
The biggest thing though, is what I'm sharing first...
This was my F-I-N-A-L semester finishing up my 'junior college career' and I couldn't be any happier!
I have earned my A.A. in Behavioral Science with a concentration in Psychology and my A.S. Agricultural Business (which is my true major now). And I will be transferring to Stanislaus in August :-) with about a year to a year and a half to go...
And I am very, very proud to say: That I am the very first person in my family to have gone to college, and earned a degree.  Four generations, and I am the first.  It's a very, very good feeling :)
So normally I'm one of the last ones called because of my last name.
Well it so happens that this time, I was #3!!  They give you a card to  write your name, and where you line up
Is where you are...I like that so much better! But I had to wait for over 500 other people to be called haha

Me and My Dear Friend Jen...She's my Dairy girl! :-)

After Graduation...my cuz Holly and her beau (hubby) hehe
Everyone kept saying how proud they were of me...what a great feeling...

Me and Mandy...she's like my family, I love her so super duper much!
She brought me flowers!!

Me, Jen and Candace....my girls!
It has been an interesting ride, that's for sure...this whole "Going back to school" thing...especially as a single parent.  Well, I give all of my credit to my parents; if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be where I am today...all that much closer to success! :-)
I have had some hard moments in the time I went back to school here, and the people that were in these pictures (and many others who are not in any pictures here) helped me at some point, various points actually lol.  They pushed me when I could no longer push myself; they supported me when I could not hold myself up alone; they stood by me when I cried out of frustration of "not so good" grades, or picking a 4 year to transfer to, and many other frustrations; they guided me, and were patient with me when all I wanted to do was throw my hands up and quit, because I was tired of the late nights cramming for exams, doing homework or seemingly never ending projects...
They laughed with me as I saw some of the highest grades I've ever earned in my life,  and they cheered me on as I walked that stage on April 27th, 2012 whether they were in the stands or not.
I earned these degrees, yes, I can officially say they are mine...but I wouldn't have rights to either of them, if it weren't for all of those who love me, and support me, through it all, as they always have. To them, I say with the most grateful heart...thank you.